Our Vision

  • We will emulate Jesus in thought, word and deed.
  • We will reach out into our community and actively engage with it on its terms; in so doing we will draw the community to St. Thomas.
  • We will act in the interest of the needs of those we serve, recognizing that we exist to serve others, not ourselves.
  • We will build a congregation that is reflective of the community we serve and challenge ourselves to open our minds and hearts to grow our faith as well as our numbers.
  • We will willingly accept the mantle of stewardship in our action, words and commitment to St. Thomas’ spiritual and physical assets.
  • We will strive to educate and inform the tenets of the Episcopal faith, honoring tradition, scripture and reason as the factors that make us a unique faith.
  • We will ensure that all of our ministries, and decisions related to them, are enacted to directly reflect our mission, vision and values.