We need ushers, crucifers, lectors and intercessors!
Please go to this website and sign up to fill one or more of these crucial roles! Want to know more about what they entail? Email the office.

Covid guidelines
Thank you so much to everyone for being diligent about mask wearing and not attending worship if you have any signs of Covid. Please remember that although we have removed the “Closed” signs from pews, we still should social distance as much as possible to maximize protection from the Delta variant and prevent possibly spreading it to others, particularly our members who are immunocompromised or too young to receive the vaccine. When you come into the church, please make sure that you leave a pew between you and other households.

Also, people have different comfort levels in terms of physical contact, so please also continue to share the peace with a peace sign or friendly wave.

It is wonderful to begin to have people return to the physical church, and we must remember that we are still in a pandemic and still in a high-transmission area.