Children and Youth

Christian Education for Children and Youth

Opportunities for children and youth to engage their faith include Sunday school and confirmation classes, youth group, service projects, mission trips, and worship leadership.

We have three Sunday school classes, staffed by a committed group of volunteer teachers.  Our youngest children (pre-K through 2nd grade) will continue to enjoy Godly Play.  Our 3rd through 5th graders use a curriculum called  StoryMakers, which was written by a New York City based group of artists, theologians and writers.

For our middle school class, our clergy will be developing a curriculum which encourages them to dive into the stories of some of our ancestors in the faith and read first hand of their struggles, failures, and shortcomings and how God related to them and loved them through it all.  We hope this will provide a backdrop for how our youth experience God in this ever-changing world and in their ever-evolving faith journeys.

If you have questions about any of our programs for children and youth, please reach out to the Rev. Tami Burks at

We look forward to welcoming you and your children!

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