Music for your wedding

The Parish Musician of St. Thomas Church, in consultation with the Rector, is responsible for the planning of music appropriate for your wedding celebration in accordance with the traditions of the Church. Our parish musician, Mr. Matthew Sheens, will be available to provide music for the date of your wedding, or will arrange for a suitable replacement. You may also wish to expand the music for your ceremony with the addition of the St Thomas Choir, professional soloists, or instrumentalists. The cost of hiring additional musicians can be discussed with the parish musician. In most cases, only St Thomas staff musicians may be engaged to provide the music for your wedding liturgy. If you wish to have a friend or family member participate as a guest musician in your wedding, a request must be made in writing to the Rector, or parish musician. A bench fee will apply in the event that you wish to provide a guest organist. Because of the sacred nature of the marriage rite, and in accordance with the traditions of the Episcopal Church, music outside of the sacred repertoire (popular songs, show tunes, etc.) is not permitted within the wedding liturgy and is best used at your reception. The parish musician is very eager to assist you in the making of your wedding plans. Please feel free to contact him by email with any additional inquiries.